Social Business

Together, we are taking the organic agriculture movement in Tanzania to a new level.

SAT Holistic Group Ltd plays a pivotal role as a key component of the Agroecology Innovation Accelerator. Its primary objective is to establish a strong link between SAT-trained farmers and the company, ensuring a guaranteed market for their products. The company also aims to develop and nurture an organic market within Tanzania, where currently the majority of organic food is exported. As pioneers in this sector, SAT Holistic Group Ltd operates through various value chains including dairy, vegetables & fruits, spices, cereals, and oil crops. Through processing and value addition, the company spearheads the production of organic products for the retail market, and currently operates two organic shops.

Doing social business

SAT Holistic Group Ltd builds vibrant value chains that enable a feedback mechanism between farmers and the NGO. This valuable feedback helps SAT to better understand market dynamics and demands, enabling the integration of market-driven solutions into their training curriculum. By integrating farmers as co-owners of the company, long-term relationships are established, addressing the social issue where farmers typically only benefit at the bottom of the agricultural value chain. This approach not only benefits farmers but also companies that adopt this model, as farmers deliver high-quality products and potential issues with side-selling are minimized. These are significant challenges faced by companies working with small-scale farmers. The establishment of a fair system yields fruitful results for all stakeholders involved.

The relationship between the NGO and the company is crucial in uplifting the SAT Innovation Accelerator and its associated services, enabling them to effectively support various stakeholders, including companies. SAT Holistic Group Ltd also acts as an incubator for other companies, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within the agricultural sector. Together, SAT and SAT Holistic Group Ltd strive to create a sustainable and inclusive agricultural ecosystem that benefits farmers, companies, and the entire value chain.