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Your generous contribution can make a significant difference in supporting sustainable agriculture initiatives and empowering small-scale farmers in Tanzania.


Note to payee: Donation SAT + email (if you want to be informed about how your money was used to boost organic agriculture in Tanzania). We highly appreciate your support. Asante sana.

Bank account Tanzania
Account Name: Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) Account Desc.: SAT Internal Revolving FundBank: CRDB BankBranch: MorogoroAccount No.: 0150023317603Currency: TZSSwift: CORUTZTZ

Why donating to our cause?

At Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT), we are dedicated to promoting organic farming practices, agroecology, and community development to create a more sustainable and resilient agricultural sector.

Farmer Training and Capacity Building

Your donation helps us provide comprehensive training programs and workshops to small-scale farmers, empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to adopt sustainable farming practices.

Research and Innovation

We conduct research and develop innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by farmers in Tanzania. Your donation supports our efforts to explore new farming techniques, improve crop resilience, and find sustainable solutions to pest and disease management.

Community Development

We believe in the power of community-driven development. Your contribution helps us implement community-based projects that enhance local livelihoods, promote gender equality, and empower marginalized groups.

Conservation and Environmental Protection

SAT recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability in agriculture. With your donation, we can implement initiatives that focus on soil conservation, water management, biodiversity preservation, and climate change adaptation