Mission & Vision

Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) is a non-profit organization that was registered in June 2011 under the Tanzanian Society Act [CAP. 337 R.E. 2002] with registration number S.A 17581 and complying with the NGOs Act 2002 with registration number 00NGO/R/0833. Since SAT was founded in 2011, our vision has always been clear.

SAT Vision

The majority of farmers are using acknowledged agroecological methods to improve their livelihoods, conserve the environment and reduce pressure on natural resources

SAT Mission

  • Transforming farming practices in Tanzania through proper knowledge dissemination.
  • Building the capacity of farmers so that they can effectively participate in the value chain.
  • Collaborating with relevant partners in the public and private sectors in order to strengthen their capacity in agroecology.
  • Working as a credible organization, which has a transparent, accountable, and cost-efficient approach to the holistic transformation of agriculture into an environmentally friendly and economically viable sector

Our Values

At SAT, we embody farmer-centeredness, passion, and innovation. Our strong foundation is built on face-to-face collaboration with small-scale farmers, ensuring their needs are at the forefront. We offer practical training on organic farming, post-harvest management, value addition, and more. Through participatory research, we share our gained experience and knowledge with stakeholders via SAT's Innovation Accelerator. Join us in transforming agriculture with our farmer-centered approach, unwavering passion, and commitment to innovation. Together, we can create a sustainable and inclusive future.